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Margy's favourites
What a beautiful practice.
Comment from : Margy's favourites

Natasha Jeradi
That was so beautiful. Shed tears of joy during gratitude exercise. Was not expecting that
Comment from : Natasha Jeradi

Dave P
Great yin centering routine with right amount of instruction, alternative poses and mindfulness based guidance 😀
Comment from : Dave P

Dave P
Great yin centering routine with right amount of instruction, alternative poses and mindfulness based guidance 😀
Comment from : Dave P

Eli Ort
Comment from : Eli Ort

Your soothing voice, the pace you worked at, the gentle music. Everything about this video keeps me coming back. It calms and relaxes me. I really hope you do a similar length video with other relaxation, coping techniques.Also great video for bedtime! Thank you!
Comment from : Missknowitall77

Dave P
Great routine, I appreciate the pace and detailed instruction
Comment from : Dave P

Armagi Dagett
Superbe!! Merci beaucoup
Comment from : Armagi Dagett

Ruth Margaret
this was so amazing - thank you so much <3
Comment from : Ruth Margaret

Rose Booth
I felt held by the Divine...this is a most beautiful experience ..Thank you so much. I am grateful .....Namaste
Comment from : Rose Booth

Thank you for this perfect beautiful yin practice. It's so effective, your voice so soothing. My favorite 💙
Comment from : tulum0617

This is the most soothing relaxing Yin Class! Beautiful! Thanks so much for this :)
Comment from : tulum0617

Cathy Visser
I've been doing yoga for nearly 30 years now and you are one of the best teachers I've come across. Thanks for sharing your passion with me on Youtube.
Comment from : Cathy Visser

Edith Pruitt
Hum u should do one that isn’t so long to get to the stretches. I mean it was 11 minutes of napping before u began the stretches
Comment from : Edith Pruitt

Katarina Skår Lisa
Dear Jennifer. Thank you for the lovely sharings to us all, with your insight and compassion. I truly appreciate it. May I ask about your music in the background what it is? With love and kindness, Katarina/ Norway
Comment from : Katarina Skår Lisa

Kathleen Scott
just coming back to this after some time away. this was amazing after a week with a sick toddler. decompress. thank you!
Comment from : Kathleen Scott

elana vlahandreas
Hope to download this and take it with me on my travels, I love it.
Comment from : elana vlahandreas

Thank you darling for this practice!
Comment from : Alevtina

Nice Joy
You did not talk too much. Great video. Thank you
Comment from : Nice Joy

Em Pat
Thank you... Namaste
Comment from : Em Pat

Roni Joy
thank you Jennifer for this profoundly moving and peaceful practice. I have done yoga nidra with you from Youtube many times which helped calm me and bring me deep relaxation. This yin yoga practice will now become part of my repoirtoire as it touched me on a physical, spiritual and emotional level. I plan to share it with my own clients (I do body work therapy) as well. Thank you thank you thank you. Peace, peace eternal peace. Namaste. Shalom
Comment from : Roni Joy

I almost fell asleep in shavasana, your voice and the music are so calming
Comment from : Machka0

Aussie Keto Bodies
Thank you! Loved it! Just what I needed today xxx
Comment from : Aussie Keto Bodies

Nasia Menn
Such a lovely video with such a lovely view!!! I love it 🙏💖💖
Comment from : Nasia Menn

Eugene Peng
Comment from : Eugene Peng

Qigong with Kseny
Lovely background and a very calming session, i totally enjoyed it!
Comment from : Qigong with Kseny

Bobbi Fosburg
I’m back to this class because I’ve tried many others and this one is by far the best yin yoga class on the internet. All the poses are my favorites though I modify a few things, which you encourage,making it just right for me. Thank you so very much!
Comment from : Bobbi Fosburg

Sharona Yardenne
Wonderful wonderful class! Thank you so much 🌺🍒❤️
Comment from : Sharona Yardenne

Jun Jun
My Go To every time I get back into my practice after a long hiatus. Love & Blessings! Namaste Xo
Comment from : Jun Jun

Diana kitty Mackey
I love this class but I’ve fallen asleep a few times .
Comment from : Diana kitty Mackey

jacqueline vogel
thank you. had to use some blankets as i have knee injuries, but i was able to get through the class and i feel relaxed, and mellow.
Comment from : jacqueline vogel

he i didn't need the block...and loved the practice. what instrument is it?
Comment from : jiskefetisch

Jeanette Sheffer
Thank you will use this often .. 🙏🏼
Comment from : Jeanette Sheffer

Michael Meuleman
thank you may all being find peace
Comment from : Michael Meuleman

Albert Hann
Exercise starts at 8:20
Comment from : Albert Hann

Brenden Craven
Omg this was wonderful! Thank you.
Comment from : Brenden Craven

i so love this practice. it is a beautiful part of my week and enriches and deepens my home practice ..... much love and many blessings lovely Jennifer . thank you
Comment from : amalajanice

G.M van den Broek
i never could find a yin practice that fits my pace, my mood included a mindful start and ending. Everything from your voice, your guidance, the postures, the background music, the length, the beautiful surroundings encourages to really let go and release tension. Namaste
Comment from : G.M van den Broek

Comment from : Lorenzo LEON GUTIERREZ

Thank you so much! You are a child of our Sun <3 So much light and love. Gratitude!!
Comment from : DovakiinLugia

Hiro Rosz
Thank You! Awesome practice! You are a divine Gift!
Comment from : Hiro Rosz

Alicia Valentyn
just what I needed Namaste
Comment from : Alicia Valentyn

Michael Meuleman
thank u for this practice moved a lot of old energy and metta is one of my fav way to really work with my heart so nice work adding that in there thank u so much wishing u and all beings all loving kindness   om shanti shanti shanti
Comment from : Michael Meuleman

Andrew Galloway
Shoelace pose feels like it's going to break me in half. It's so damn painful that I want to scream.
Comment from : Andrew Galloway

Thank you so much for this beautiful session. I discovered this video some years ago, when I was suffering from a post traumatic stress syndrome. I was already into Kundalini Yoga for a while and when I first tried to do this Yin Yoga session, I couldn't calm down. When I did Kundalini, I could deal with it, because I could distract myself from myself, which was also not the way to do Kundalini, but when I did this Yin Yoga session, there was no place to hide anymore. When I am doing it nowadays, I can get into it.
It really helped me a lot to deal with PTSS. Thank you for this.

Comment from : Symbolsysteme

Ineffable Theo
Suuuuuper nice! I feel blissed out. Thank you! <3
Comment from : Ineffable Theo

Sierra Ergundogdu
I wish there were more yin videos like this on YouTube! Perfect music and tone of voice.
Comment from : Sierra Ergundogdu

Clara Jacobsen
Thanks so much for this amazingly calming practice!
What's the name of the background music song/interpreter or where can I find it?

Comment from : Clara Jacobsen

rice withaspoon
the first yoga teacher (for me) who doesn't cut the mindful-with-your-body-space with her voice but enlarges, extends & carries it from cloud to cloud


Comment from : rice withaspoon

Yogum You
Jennifer i like your video, very nice voice! Who is the music composer?
Comment from : Yogum You

Linda Sellick
another great video from you. Thank you for providing. Appreciate them. Namaste
Comment from : Linda Sellick

fantastic. amazing. gratifying. thank you.
Comment from : MmentoMori

Linnea K
Thank you! <3 This was very calming and soothing practice :) I could feel very safe with your calming voice and beautiful nature on the background as well.
Comment from : Linnea K

That was lovely and healing. Thank you!
Comment from : Admin NWONA

This is my favorite yin yoga practice on YouTube!
Comment from : shaktidevi108

Irmas Dream
beautiful - wonderful end of day practice - great guidance - thank you so much
Comment from : Irmas Dream

Comment from : gaborjuli

Sue G Z
Bless you Jennifer for this great practice, soothing voice and beautiful music. Lucky to be living in the most beautiful part of Canada. Namaste !
Comment from : Sue G Z

Janine Hazzard
.....I love this video
Comment from : Janine Hazzard

Sock Knitter
I particularly enjoy this lesson because the instructor teaches the viewer the names of each pose, and explains the purpose of each as we are doing it. Her voice is calm and she articulates well. :0)
Comment from : Sock Knitter

Paola Grechi
Thank you very very much Jennifer ! A really wonderful practice . Namaste
Comment from : Paola Grechi

Yoga Dad
I love Bikram but when I'm looking for a break from the heat this is a great relaxing and mindful (but still challenging) alternative. Thanks Jennifer!
Comment from : Yoga Dad

Tom Radtke
I very much appreciate this peaceful and powerful Yin session, thank you, it is just what i need, and fills a big hole when i can't get to a class and keeps me grounded.
Comment from : Tom Radtke

Lauren Vancans
Lovely and thank you !
Comment from : Lauren Vancans

Linda Kowalski
Thank you for the healing of my body, mind and spirit.
Comment from : Linda Kowalski

Vicky Janssen
One of the best yoga practices ever! Thank you!
Comment from : Vicky Janssen

amazing! i love your pants.
Comment from : Breathe618

That was blessed and really wonderful. Thank you!
Comment from : Julia

Andrew Jovanovic
Comment from : Andrew Jovanovic

Rose Ann Walker
I loved your class immensely.....could you please share the music you used?
Comment from : Rose Ann Walker

Dita Chapman
beautiful practice thank you!
Comment from : Dita Chapman

Sandrine Thinnes
Wonderful relaxing and releasing practice! Indeed your voice and the music are amazingly soothing. Namasté.
Comment from : Sandrine Thinnes

Bobbi Fosburg
Incredible! Thank you so very much! I feel grateful beyond measure for this most releasing relaxing profoundly emotional class.
Comment from : Bobbi Fosburg

Zoe Davenport
Once again gratitude x
Comment from : Zoe Davenport

Amazing practise! Just what I need before bed.
Comment from : J Q

Giovanna Bonito
so calming...what's the background music?
Comment from : Giovanna Bonito

Abi Parkes
beautiful practice, thank you. also, love the music. who made it?
Comment from : Abi Parkes

Brenda Cleveland
Very nice. Really enjoyed it. Thank you.
Comment from : Brenda Cleveland

Sarah Cura
I really enjoyed this practice. Just what I needed this evening after a very busy few weeks. I released some emotions and felt deep relaxation. Thank you!
Comment from : Sarah Cura

E Dunlap
Thank you! ☺
Comment from : E Dunlap

Mariam Mansuryan
This is so indescribably beautiful, I woke up from Shavasana as a new a better, more loving person, thank you! And by the way, I don't know what the heck happened, but my flu suddenly went away...
Comment from : Mariam Mansuryan

Donna Mizerek
Will you be doing more of these types of videos?
Comment from : Donna Mizerek

Donna Mizerek
Excellent video, thank you. Where was this shot? Beautiful place.
Comment from : Donna Mizerek

Zoe Davenport
You know I keep trying other Yin videos but always come back to yours. :). I love your soft style and not too much talking or trying to sell me anything, I feel your unconditional love and in gratitude for the time and energy you put into making this wonderful video. LOVE LIGHT ABUNDANCE Zxx
Comment from : Zoe Davenport

Janine Hazzard
....this is the BEST yoga class ever~I always reach for this video is decompresses my stress and makes me feel amAzing...make is currently in Hong Kong dancing she was dealing with stage fright and I sent it to her and she said it was great for her!
Comment from : Janine Hazzard

jay pixelmuffin
thank you so much for this sequence and sharing the love <3 <3 <3
Comment from : jay pixelmuffin

Maia Lightfoot
can't thank you enough <3
Comment from : Maia Lightfoot

Learning Guitar
love that accent!
Comment from : Learning Guitar

Nicola Nicholls
Great class helping me alot. Thank you
Comment from : Nicola Nicholls

emily onestar
I liked this practice but it's so hard to stay still lol
Comment from : emily onestar

wholly flow
such peace during your practice, blessings to you
Comment from : wholly flow

michal skashidlak
This was absolutely amazing! Right on time.
Thank you and NAMASTE

Comment from : michal skashidlak

Nicola Nicholls
Thank you Jennifer. Great intro to Yin Yoga for me!
Comment from : Nicola Nicholls

So Beautiful Jennifer! Very soothing video! Please do check my channel and give your feedback that will be really helpful for me! Thanks so much
Comment from : VENTUNO YOGA

Isabelle St-Germain
I'm totally hooked to this video, Jennifer thank you. You have no idea how far this video and its power have reached and still is. It just make my day better!
I never really look into a yin practice before and for me it's a game changer! I love yoga in all its style but right now yin yoga feel so right!
Looking forward to more of those!
Thank you again for sharing, it's wonderful! ♡

Comment from : Isabelle St-Germain

This is terrific! Thank you!!
Comment from : sallyhatchet

Such a sweet, beautiful practice. This is exactly what I need in my life right now. Your voice is so peaceful, just the right amount of instruction - perfect! Thank you! I love you! :)
Comment from : VMK

gnani k
Could you please share the music used??
Comment from : gnani k

Emily Hansen
exceptional workout and instruction
Comment from : Emily Hansen

Dianne McNeill
I am SO pleased to be able to have you guide my practice again! I was working in Victoria for a couple of years, and then left to live in Whitehorse, followed by another part of Vancouver Island. Imagine how wonderful it was to be able to find you, and then be able to have the comfort of a familiar voice and style of practice, as well as the confidence of knowing what a wonderful teacher you are. Thank you.
Comment from : Dianne McNeill

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