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Sherri Mogenson
This is beautiful! Way to lead the charge.
Comment from : Sherri Mogenson

ENHANCE MATHS Class 8 to 12
Comment from : ENHANCE MATHS Class 8 to 12

ENHANCE MATHS Class 8 to 12
Comment from : ENHANCE MATHS Class 8 to 12

Lola Lola
Try these books too from Brahma Kumaris... Practical meditation and The way and goal of Rajyoga... (omshantistore)
Comment from : Lola Lola

carolina almeida
this works for my son and me!!
he's only 3 and I'm trying to show him how to add and subtract (small amounts)
every time he starts feeling frustrated we do it and it works!!

Comment from : carolina almeida

Great... can't wait to view more, namaste!!
Comment from : Beditations

Ammar Merhbi
Well, they spent millions of dollars to develop methods of "mindfulness" whereby mindfulness helps students to focus only at the activity at hand, neither thinking what happened before or what's going to happen after. We have overlooked a major "mindfulness" technique that costs nothing, is fundamentally imposed on us, and has more merits than just performing well on a math subject. The Salat, the prayer, for us muslims, if performed well, as Allah has ordered us to do, it is the lifelong practice of mindfulness. You see, if you are not 100% concentrating at the moment, if you are not mindful of only what you are doing during the Salat, if you are not breathing deep, using Tajweed, and having all your body relxed your Salat is considered incomplete at best. Imagine doing it since you are 10 years and throughout your life at least five times a day. What best way for mindful practice, isn't it? Costs nothing and is imposed by Allah all MIghty. @Hamza Andreas Tzortzis
Comment from : Ammar Merhbi

Bernard Lim
Meditation in class ? more like sleeping in class.
Comment from : Bernard Lim

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